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About Mauritius

Mauritius is a subtropical island on the southeast coast of Africa, just over east of Madagascar. The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has an incredible tourist attraction: an underwater waterfall. Mauritius is well-known for its multicultural population, extraordinarily pricey resorts (up to $600 per night and more), and the extinct Dodo, a swan-sized, flightless bird. The island offers amenities for its wealthier visitors, including beautiful golf courses, Seven Coloured Earths, an underwater waterfall, giant water lilies in the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, ravines drumming, and fruit preserves, sugar, and rum from Mauritius

Benefits of studying in Mauritius

Five advantages of being an international student studying in Mauritius Education of the highest caliber is available in Mauritius, where there is a strong educational system that provides instruction of the highest caliber in accordance with global norms. Mauritius has job opportunities, affordable tuition, beautiful scenery, and cultural diversity.

  Living Costs starts from USD 255 to USD 285 monthly

  Job Opportunities and Global Exposure

  20hrs of part-time job

  Visa 100% success rate


  Over 700 courses available

  Good weather condition

  Affordable Fee

Languages used in Mauritius

  The majority of the population speaks Mauritian Creole, a Creole with a French foundation.

  While English is the official language in Parliament, members can still speak French, French is the language that is frequently used in education and the media.

  The official languages of the government and the judiciary are widely recognized to be English and French.

Popular Courses in Mauritius

  Computer Science & Information Systems

  Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering Architecture

  Business & Management Studies

  Economics & Econometrics


  Accounting & Finance

  Engineering & Technology

  Art & Design


Cost of Education at Mauritius

Programs Cost Per Semester
Undergraduate £ 5,000 - £ 7200
Postgraduate £ 6,000 - £ 8000
MBA £ 8000 & above
Doctorate £ 7,000 - £ 10,000

Cost of Living at Mauritius

Particulars Cost
Rent $650 - $1500
Food $250 - $800
Transport $45 - $150

Available Intakes in Mauritius

Fall Intake - September

  Undergraduate/Postgraduate Courses

Winter Intake - January

  Undergraduate/Postgraduate Courses

Visa Requirements

  A Valid passport

  Sufficient funds

  Application form


  A ticket to the country of origin or residence