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Study in Singapore With Internship

Why to study in Singapore

    Universities in Singapore are renowned for offering quality education in almost every field. Revered among the top universities in the world, these institutes witness a great international student inflow making the country one of the best destinations for higher education. Cost of pursuing academics in Singapore is less than that in the US. However, a lot depends on the course as well. Foreign students who are studying in Singapore may apply to become a Permanent Resident the success rate of obtaining a visa is above 90%. Many Indian students relocate to Singapore each year to seek higher education there.

Advantage of Studying in Singapore

  • High-Quality Education
  • Less Expensive University Fees Compared to US and UK
  • Safe and Comfortable Environment
  • A Multicultural Society
  • A Wide Range of Business Programmes
  • Maintaining a Budget is Low
  • Global reputation for academic excellence
  • A high quality of life
  • A Top industry connections
  • A Safe and secure environment

Why we are Singapore Provides Internship?

    Singapore being named one of the safest countries in the world and often referred to as the “best place to do business” as well as “most liveable city in Asia”, it is definitely trending as a top-pick destination for international internships for good reason.

Most Speaking Languages

  • Spoken English
  • Malay
  • Mandarin
  • Tamil

English Exams Required

    IELTS and TOEFL scores are recommended but not required to study in Singapore

Cost of Accommodation and Food :

Rental S$ 350 - S$ 700
Food S$150 - S$250  (Groceries + Hawkers)
Transportation S$100 - S$120 (Public Transportation)
Mobile Data S$20 (Sim only)

Documents required for visa

  • College Application Form
  • Color photo with white background
  • Copy of Passport Copy of Birth Cert/Birth Affidavit
  • ALL educational Certificate and Marked Sheets
  • Work experience letter(s) if student is working
  • Bank Funds proof
Training with Internship Programs (Stipend 80K P/M)

05 Courses

Advance Diploma
Professional Diploma
Higher Diploma
Foundation Diploma

Study Programs

  • Diploma
  • Higher Diploma
  • Advance Diploma
  • Foundation Diploma
  • International Foundation Diploma
  • Bachelor Programs
  • Masters Programs

Detailed Study Programs

Course Category Course Title FEE FEE inc 8% GST
Baking Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie & Baking) S$5000.00 S$5400.00
Diploma in Patisserie and Baking S$6000.00 S$6480.00
Diploma in Pastry & Baking Arts S$6200.00 S$6696.00
Diploma in Hospitality Management - Pattisserie and Baking (Chinese) S$6900.00 S$7452.00
Hospitality Diploma in Hospitality (Café Operations) S$4300.00 S$4644.00
Diploma in Hospitality -Café Operations (Chinese) S$5500.00 S$5940.00
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality (Café Management) S$6900.00 S$7452.00
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality - Café Management (Chinese) S$8500.00 S$9180.00
Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management S$6000.00 S$6480.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality (Café Management) S$6000.00 S$6480.00
Business Diploma in Business and Technology S$5000.00 S$5400.00
Higher Diploma in Business Management S$6000.00 S$6480.00
Supply Chain Diploma in Retail and Supply Chain Management S$4000.00 S$4320.00
Advanced Diploma in Retail and Supply Chain Management S$5000.00 S$5400.00
Higher Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management S$6000.00 S$6480.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Retail and Supply Chain Management S$5500.00 S$5940.00
Study in Singapore With Internship, Programs

Study Programs Offered

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Study Logistics in Singapore With Internship

Singapore is one of Asia's leading global business and financial centre, and its strategic location has also encouraged businesses in the region and around the world to explore business opportunities. Singapore has become one of the region's leaders in logistics, and is home to specialised logistics capabilities like healthcare and cold chain, chemical, aerospace, art and wine logistics. It also ranked as the top logistics hub in Asia in the 2012 and 2014 Logistics Performance index by the World Bank – courtesy (

Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations.

Hotel & Hospitality Management

Study Hospitality Management in Singapore With Internship

Singapore has a Universal Studios, several zoos, museums, Buddhist temples, and a focus on natural tree and flower gardens.

Singapore is known for their food and luxurious hotels. The country has over 400 hotels . The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields and all the service industry has hospitality teams that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling and additional fields within the tourism industry Singapore's largest supporter is international visitors in search of medical procedures, business meetings, or gambling. Despite a dip in visitors in 2016, the tourism board is still focused on investing in new hotels and entertainment venues.

Leisure is a major reason for the success of the hospitality industry, but an even larger one is MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conventions, and Exhibitions Business). This is purely based on business tourism, and deals with companies that send people to Singapore for conventions or meetings for outsourced companies.

A hospitality unit acts as a restaurant, hotel, or an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations.

Food & Beverage Management

Study Food and Beverage in Singapore With Internship

Singapore is a famous food capital in Asia. The food services industry plays a vital role in our economy. The industry contributed 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP and employed about 180,000 workers in 2016.

Food service (US English) or catering industry (British English) defines those businesses, institutions, and companies responsible for any meal prepared outside the home.

The global food and beverages (F&B) market is growing exponentially along with the growth in urban populations worldwide. Besides buying more food, discerning diners are driving demand for better food which are safe, natural and healthy. In addition, automation and artificial intelligence are leaving their mark on the industry.

This industry includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats. The companies that supply food service operators are called food service distributors.


Study Technology in Singapore With Internship

As an information and technology hub in the Asia Pacific, Singapore is a regional base for most of the world’s top infocomm multinationals including Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Google, as well as international technology startup companies. It is also a global data management hub connected to 15 active submarine cable systems, with a total submarine cable capacity of 114 Tbps and more than 50 per cent of the commercial carrier and carrier neutral data center space in South East Asia.

A computer network is a digital telecommunications network which allows nodes to share resources. In computer networks, computing devices exchange data with each other using connections (data links) between nodes. These data links are established over cable media such as wires or optic cables, or wireless media such as Wi-Fi.

Based on a manpower survey in 2015, the ICT industry revenue saw a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.7 per cent for the period 2009 to 2014, reaching $167.1 billion in 2014. Currently, there are more than 150,000 ICT professionals in Singapore. The number is set to grow as Singapore progresses in its Smart Nation initiative (Smart Nation), launched 2014 by the Singapore government.

Business Administration

Study Business Administration in Singapore With Internship

Singapore is a small country with less than 6 million populations, yet, it enjoys a strong and unique position in the global economic market.

It has even emerged as one of the Asia Financial and Economic hub capable of attracting investors in and around the world.

The country’s strong business stature is reflected in its educational syllabus welcoming local and foreign and talent to nurture.

With Business and Management as one of the most sought-after course programmes, it is the perfect destination to sharpen your skillet in the business world.

Business administration is administration of a business. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations, as well as related fields which include accounting, finance and marketing. The administration of a business includes the performance or management of business operations and decision making, as well as the efficient organization. So, are you considering to study Business and Management?

Accounting and Finance

Study Accounting and Finance in Singapore With Internship

There are only two major fields in Accounting and Finance although there are universities which offer different types of programme like Bachelor of Accounting with Law, Bachelor of Accounting and Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Finance and Management, Bachelor of Finance and Marketing, etc.

Accounting is all about the financial records in a business, including the preparation, evaluation and management of the records.An accounting degree will provide a foundation for specialized accounting careers which typically involve analyzing and utilizing financial information to evaluate a business’ financial position.Accounting can be further categorized into specialized topics like auditing, tax, assessment, international accounting, forensic accounting and management accounting.

Finance careers typically focus on the management of current and future figures of a business, making careers in finance having potential to be slightly more lucrative than accounting.A person in the finance sector will have to predict and analyze the potential for profit and growth, assessing monetary resources and look for more funding options for a company.To be more specialized in this sector, finance can be studied further in corporate finance, financial evaluation, behavioral finance, capital markets, investment management and many more.

Integrated Design & Engineering

Study Engineering in Singapore With Internship

The course is intended to give students enrolled a working understanding of integrated building design, in principle and practice. To enable students to coordinate a design proposal, integrating the different engineering systems. Moreover to have the skills to lead this process, and manage consultants, by identifying clear but inclusive design goals.

Through a series of lectures that focus on different aspects such as structure, services, envelope and transportation, appreciation of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ integration will be developed, using predominantly case-studies and examples to provide students with design-strategies and approximation approaches to undertake their own integration activities themselves, supported analytically by an introduction to the relevant first-principal and codified assessment methods.


Study Law in Singapore With Internship

The legal system in Singapore is based on the English common law system. There are various areas of law, including administrative law, equity and trust law, tort law, and contract law. Criminal law is also present here. Not only does the country have its own bar system, but it commonly refers to English case law as an applicable aspect of law there. The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore is the main legal document outlining the country's legal system.

Students who complete their educational requirements in Singapore, or who meet these requirements outside of the country, will need to sit for the Singapore Bar Association's licensing exam. Continuing education is often a requirement after doing so. Students can then work in a temporary position in a court of law for the required length of time before practicing on their own. Students are likely to find numerous positions available in this area of the law. This includes working in the criminal system, as judges, as well as working towards educational teaching. Jobs can be hard to obtain initially especially for new students.

Cyber Security Courses

Study Cybersecurity in Singapore With Internship

Cybersecurity is made up of towards that are cyber and security simply means that securing the systems and networks and internet applications. It is one of the advanced branches of computer science which is attracting a huge number of individuals. In other words, we can also say that securing and protecting our internet, networks, computing technologies, and Management from the risk of and misuse is known as cybersecurity.

As the economy is moving towards digitalization the risk of getting affected by vulnerabilities and left is increasing day by day. To protect the systems, we need specialized and trained professionals who can detect the red flags and loopholes in the systems so that we can prepare a system accordingly and protect them from the risk and malware, Trojan horse, and other viruses.

Life Sciences Courses

Study Science in Singapore With Internship

Course studies give the adult learner a closer look at a wide range of subjects without the constraints associated with pursuing a formal degree. Ranging in duration between monthly or yearly expectations, high school graduates can find a rigorous learning experience that supports their interests.

What is a course in life sciences? A course in life sciences usually covers concepts dealing with organisms and living ecosystems. General categories of study might include agriculture, forestry, fisheries, biochemistry, ecology, and etymology. Within these categories, students may find themselves immersed in studies of biology and chemistry dealing with nutrition, healthcare, chemical and molecular bonding, cellular processes, genetics, and systems of life. The sustainability of food and farming with natural resources may also be covered.

Marketing Courses

Study Marketing in Singapore With Internship

Study a Bachelor or Master’s in Marketing if you want to learn how to create and implement advertising and promotional strategies in order to sell products and services.Effective Marketing strategies address the right people and turn them into loyal customers who will return for future services and who will recommend your services. Since word of mouth can be one of the best marketing tools, it will be your job to implement successful marketing campaigns and create a positive brand image for the organisation you represent.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in Marketing blends theories of Finance, Business Management, Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour. During Marketing courses, you will learn how to promote products or services in a way that leads to increased sale revenues.

Media & Communications Courses

Study Media in Singapore With Internship

Media & Communication course prepares students for careers in the digital media, print media, television companies, media agencies in the content development and promotion areas. It will train students to become journalists, writers, published authors, confident storytellers with skills in news writing, anchoring, television news & documentary production process, podcasts, and more.

This course provides students with a deep knowledge of current practices in the news media, digital media and media corporate sector to ensure accurate and quality content, productions, deadlines, and budgets. Course enables students to understand and work with the latest technology used in the media industry. Since, the industry is becoming increasingly ‘corporatized’, the course would also teach leaners about corporate culture, challenges and demands.

Sports Sciences Courses

Study Sports sciences in Singapore With Internship

Sports sciences study human movement and exercise and the health benefits that arise from practising physical activity. The study of sports sciences integrates theoretical knowledge about the structures and mechanisms of the human body, nutrition, and technical education on optimising performance. Programmes in sports sciences are conducted through lectures and seminars, but students are engaged in practical sessions in different sport facilities like: courts, sport fields, gyms and swimming pools.

Career opportunities for graduates include jobs like: physical education teacher, nutritionist, performance analyst, sports coach/therapist, fitness centre manager, strength and conditioning specialist.

Analytics Courses

Study Analytics in Singapore With Internship

The program focuses on the problems big data poses to businesses—and how to solve them using models, statistics, and machine learning – in classes such as customer analytics, business intelligence, and supply chain analytics.

Human Resources Courses

Study HR in Singapore With Internship

Human Resource Management popularly known as HRM, is a sub-branch of Business and Management Studies. The course includes theories, and also makes the students practice the hiring processes accordingly.The course of Human Resource Management mainly focuses on administrative services, staff administration, and performance management, and most importantly, on the hiring process.

The course helps the students to study and get the knowledge and principles that are required to handle the human resources of the company.The main objective of the Human Resource Management course is to provide important and adequate resources to the company. The course includes a mix of various subjects which include business environment, communication skills, and management account.


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