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Blogs - Germany

Why to choose Germany as a study destination?

  Low cost of tuition fees

  Top listed universities

  Better job opportunities

  Scholarship available

  Living with affordable price

  Student visa eligible for Europe travel

Is Germany required IELTS?

IELTS and TOEFL are not required to enroll in a programme overseas. IELTS and TOEFL are typically regarded as the most important requirements for admission to institutions overseas.

Does studying in Germany accept carrier Gaps?

Germany promotes and sponsors its students to sign up for gap-year and exchange programmes like Youth for Understanding (YFU). If the rationale perfectly complements your portfolio and what you want to contribute to their educational institution to improve their quality, it will allow a gap of even 6-7 years.

Do German Language is challenging for International Students?

No, But German pronunciation is so challenging. Indians have a tough time learning the language. German language is challenging to learn due of the grammar and most of the Programs are designed in English for International students.

What is the proof of fund that we need to show to study in Germany?

You must provide evidence of your financial stability in order to be granted a student visa for Germany. This acts as confirmation that you have the financial means to pay for your studies in Germany. Since January 2023, you must show that you have 934 EUR per month or 11,208 EUR annually in your account.

Why block account is mandatory in Germany?

To prove they have the financial resources to support themselves for the first year of their studies while in the country, overseas students who wish to study in Germany must transfer at least €11,172 to a blocked account in Germany.

What percentage of German student visas are granted?

Germany Student Visa: Rate of Success Obtaining a student visa for Germany is actually fairly simple. Our analysis from 2022 indicates that 95% of applications for German student visas are approved. In other words, almost 95 out of every 100 students are granted a German student visa.

Benefits of studying in Germany?

  Recognized Degrees

  Get Stay back of 18 months

  Affordable cost of living

  Number of job Opportunities

  Eligible for PR

Is obtaining PR simpler in Germany?

You must comply with certain legal requirements, complete the eligibility requirements, and provide the necessary documentation in order to apply for a PR in Germany. If you understand the rules and conditions and carefully follow the application process, getting permanent residency will be simple.

How long does it take in Germany to obtain PR?

As a result, you can apply to stay in Germany permanently: If you are a skilled worker, after four years. if you are a researcher, after four years. if you have two years of experience and a German university degree or vocational training.