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Blogs - New Zealand

How long does it take to get a student visa in New Zealand?

New Zealand student visa typically takes about 25 days to obtain, with a 95% visa success rate.

Do we get a post-study work visa after our degree?

With the degree in New Zealand will determine the duration of your After Study Work Visa. You can work in New Zealand for three years if you earned a master's or doctoral degree there and attended classes for at least 30 weeks.

Is IELTS required for a New Zealand student visa?

Yes, New Zealand student visa, required IELTS exam, and score of at least 5.5 .

Are students eligible for PR in New Zealand post-study?

The 2-year post-study visa is the first step in granting a PR to a student who has finished his studies in New Zealand. Remember, it's just the first step and not a guarantee that you'll obtain the PR. With this visa, you might initially look for employment and stay in the nation for two years. Age must be under 55 years old, which is one of the fundamental requirements to meet in order to receive a PR visa in New Zealand. Excellent mastery of the English language and fluency. Both good physical and moral health .

Study Destination in New Zealand?





  Palmerstone North


Can I work while studying in New Zealand?

You are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week under the terms of your visa if you are enrolled in full-time study that is at least two academic years long or resulting in a qualification for New Zealand that increases points under the skilled immigrant category.

Which intake is best in New Zealand?

Most international students who intend to apply for admission to New Zealand prefer the July intake. No of what course they are applying to, international students who want to apply for this typically have to wait a year.

Preferable course in New Zealand?




  Business Studies

  Engineering Forestry


  IT and Computer Science


Getting study visa for New Zealand is simple?

It's challenging to apply for a student visa to New Zealand. Before you even consider applying, you need to figure out a lot of things, including which visa will work for you, with the requirements are for student visas in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, is Gap accepted?

The Students even after a 10-year gap, a candidate may still apply for a study visa to New Zealand if they provide facts or an explanation for it.

What's the weather like in New Zealand?

Subtropical to sub Antarctic climatic zones can be found in New Zealand. The location of New Zealand in a latitudinal zone with predominant westerly winds as well as the proximity to the ocean have a significant impact on the climate. Mountain ranges have an impact as well because they alter weather patterns as they go eastward.